ServiceNow helps companies leverage the Cloud to optimize many internal processes, including HR and the help desk. As with any large enterprise platform, successfully implementing it requires a significant effort. Still, the benefits remain numerous, helping organizations improve their operational efficiency and cost savings.

Ultimately, companies gain the most from the platform by providing the right ServiceNow training to their employees. We’ve developed the following tips to help you inspire your employees to work smarter for a healthier bottom line.

Tailor ServiceNow Training to the Audience

With a complex enterprise platform like ServiceNow, a “one size fits all” approach to training is the wrong strategy. Tailor-specific classroom sessions based on your employees’ experience with the application as well as their job role. Your HR team needs a different kind of training compared to help desk support. Use feedback from previous training sessions to fine-tune the material to ensure a positive result.

Make sure technical employees receive the right training for ServiceNow’s advanced features. These include configuring the AI-powered chatbots, crafting apps using No-code, and the data analytics functionality. Exposure to the automation features is also essential, especially for companies currently using or hoping to adopt DevOps.

Hands-On Training Sessions are More Effective

Try to avoid holding training sessions using classroom lectures without hands-on exposure to the platform. This is especially the case with employees with little to no experience using ServiceNow. Using a lab well-appointed with PCs and the ServiceNow application remains the right approach for an effective learning experience.

Making ServiceNow Training a Fun Experience

Many employees dread sitting in a classroom all day, stuck inside a training session. So make sure it’s a fun experience with a lot of interactive activities. Of course, this approach becomes easier when allowing the trainees to actually use ServiceNow.

Consider leveraging real-world scenarios to help them better understand the functionality they need to use daily. For example, automating a company workflow using a no-code app provides an excellent overview of ServiceNow’s most powerful features. It’s a great training option for business analysts and even software engineers. In the end, providing the right training helps your company get the most from its investment in ServiceNow.

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