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Where other companies have become dependent on sifting through job boards or waiting for the right candidate to respond to a job posting, SkyBridge Resources aggressively recruits for every position we receive; it is one of the very best when it comes to nationwide staffing agencies. SkyBridge Resources strives to bring the maximum amount of value to our Clients by investing time up front to thoroughly understand the Client’s environment and needs. Through our partnerships, SkyBridge Resources is able to screen candidates more efficiently and produce a better quality candidate in the early stages of the interview process–ultimately saving our Client’s time and money.

SkyBridge Resources utilizes proactive recruiting as a standard practice of operation. Through the utilization of our recruiting philosophy; proactive recruiting, SEO, marketing campaigns, referral networks, usergroup sponsorship, etc. SkyBridge Resources is able to consistently identify a larger pool of qualified candidates. We don’t see a significant added value from relying on job boards or hoping the right resource calls us off of a job posting.

SkyBridge Resources begins our recruiting process with an initial phone call to discuss career goals, assess education, and understand skills/experience. Next, our Recruiters perform personal interviews with potential candidates to discuss their skills further and review the position requirements. After personal interviews, Recruiters verify a candidate’s formal managerial references and informal references to confirm education and past experience. In our fourth step, Recruiters continue candidate verification by performing technical screening to assess skills and position qualification. Finally our Recruiters meet with Account Managers for candidate screening to make sure they are a cultural fit with our Clients.

Obviously this can vary from position to position but we can typically have a candidate identified and completely screened within 36-48 hours.