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Contracts and Placements

We are always seeking eager talent to join the SkyBridge Resources team.

Working with SkyBridge Resources can provide corporate communication skills, knowledge and insight across various industries, supportive and encouraging coworkers/ managers and so much more. At SkyBridge Resources we create a community that is educated properly, communicated with constantly and satisfied during the entirety of their partnership.


Whether you are an internal Employee or a W2 Consultant, we provide the same benefit plan options.

  • External Employees: To ensure we are working with top talent individuals, SkyBridge Resources provides benefits that will satisfy and support all your needs. In addition to benefits we provide technical training on a regular basis to keep our Consultants up to date with the latest industry developments.
  • Internal Employees: Consistent Employee training allows our team to stay informed on ever-changing technologies, build upon current skills and maintain a high level of expertise. Our team at SkyBridge Resources takes part in mentoring sessions where evaluation, problem solving and strategy assessment is used regularly to improve our innovative work environments.

We want our people to grow professionally and stay with us which is why SkyBridge Resources offers competitive benefits packages for all employees.

Elective benefits that are available through SkyBridge Resources include: 

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Health Benefits provided through United Healthcare
  • Accidental Death & Life Insurance
  • Short & Long-Term Disability Coverage
  • 401(K) Retirement Plan
  • Paid time off


Below are our most frequently asked questions but it doesn’t stop here. SkyBridge Resources is constantly looking to improve our website and services; therefore, we have provided a contact form below for any questions, suggestions or concerns not addressed below. For instant response, check out our chat box or call to talk with an informed representative who will be able to assist immediately.

  • If I am a temporary Contractor through SkyBridge Resources, do I still qualify for benefits? Yes, you are still eligible to apply for benefits.
  • What is the difference between a Contractor and a Consultant? A Contractor is a W2 employee of SkyBridge Resources who’s under contract with one or more of SkyBridge’s Clients. A Consultant utilizes their own corporation and partners with SkyBridge Resources on a short or long-term basis to complete projects and services with our Clients.
  • Do staffing firms charge Contractors/Employees a fee for temporary assignments? Never. SkyBridge Resources does not charge a fee directly to our Contractors/Employees.
  • As a potential Employee/Contractor, why should I work with SkyBridge Resources? Whether you’re looking for a small, medium or large work environment, SkyBridge Resources partners with the most reputable organizations that offer professional working environments, competitive compensation and great benefits. What makes job hunting easier? Working with a great, knowledgeable and trustworthy recruiter that doesn’t treat you like a number. SkyBridge Resources prides ourselves on building long lasting relationships with all of our Employees/Contractors.
  • As a potential Client, Why should I work with SkyBridge Resources? Although we have the ability to work with many people in the industry, we choose who we work with wisely. Consistent communication, efficient timing and personal commitment seem scarce in today’s staffing industry but with SkyBridge Resources, these aspects are our highest priority. By fostering a strong, dedicated internal team, we can identify the highest level of talent and pair them with Clients that will offer greatest opportunity. It’s a win for all partners involved.