Cybersecurity remains a critical issue for businesses from the largest enterprises all the way to smaller companies. Of course, it seems stories about hacking incidents and data privacy breaches hit the news on a weekly basis. Additionally, the demand for experienced SecOps professionals remains as high as ever. In short, they are difficult to find and hire.

Intending to keep your company’s technical infrastructure protected from cybercriminals, here are the latest cybersecurity trends. Leverage this information to improve your organization’s SecOps footprint and source the talented cybersecurity pros you need.

Beware of Ransomware Attacks

The risk of ransomware attacks continues to increase across the technology world. Businesses remain targets for this nefarious activity, typically blocking access to all or part of a company’s technical infrastructure. In fact, some ransomware incidents capture important corporate data.

Cybercriminals demand payment from a business to return access to the company’s data and/or infrastructure. Not surprisingly, after receiving payment, the hackers don’t always keep up their end of the bargain. As such, ensure your cybersecurity team maintains vigilance against this form of cyber attack.

Migrating to the Cloud to Improve Information Security

Of course, the continued migration to the Cloud still provides benefits to businesses of all sizes. One advantage for companies with a Cloud-based technical infrastructure is an improved cybersecurity footprint. This is especially the case compared to operating an on-premises data center. Still, your transition team needs to closely vet any cloud provider’s approach to cybersecurity before choosing them as a partner.

Artificial Intelligence Helping to Improve Cyber Security

Cybersecurity companies increasingly leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect threats more effectively. One example involves machine learning models analyzing network usage patterns searching for what appears to be suspicious. Ultimately, this approach to AI helps cybersecurity engineers improve their efficiency, allowing them to focus on the most critical threats.

Take Extra Care Protecting IoT Devices

As 5G networking becomes more widespread, expect the Internet of Things (IoT) to truly take off in usage. So companies must consider the cybersecurity risks inherent with Internet-connected devices. Only install IoT devices from providers known for a thorough SecOps approach. Additionally, implement strong network security at any company site using the IoT.

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