While the calendar turned over for the year 2020, much of security consultants’ 2021 will still be spent tying up loose ends and making up for losses.

So rather than making a great leap forward, the IT security and compliance trends for 2021 will likely reflect lessons learned last year and shoring up weaknesses.

What will IT experts see this year? Here are a few items likely to continue to come across your desk.

Remote Trends ft. Zero Trust

The swift change to a large remote workforce challenged security and compliance infrastructure in a big way. Because just as millions of people suddenly began working outside their organization’s firewall, there was a 148% increase in ransomware attacks, likely aiming to capitalize on the chaos.

New and improved security support for remote work will dominate this year. Expect to see many clients opting for a reboot of policies, going on the hunt for new tools, and reeducating employees (as well as hiring remote-first IT experts and looking for the best bargains).

Streamlining Tools and Process Auditing

At present, companies work with huge vendor portfolios. The vast majority (78%) of CISOS use at least 16 vendor tools. While these tools made more sense when everyone worked closely, they can create chaos in these times.

These updates will also include a thorough audit of the available tools, future options, and how to achieve goals with reduced budgets and shaky revenue.

Domination of the Cloud

Cloud technology dominated in 2019 and 2020, and it will continue to do so in 2021. The first trend, responding to remote work, will ensure this remains the case.

You’ll see cloud deployments rise and all the work associated with it for the rest of the year. And you’ll see a shake-up of the big three with a focus on the network edge.

Prepare for an Extension of 2020

For many, 2020 was over on December 31. However, the IT crowd will feel its effects for the rest of 2021 and probably even into 2022.


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