A relatively recent methodology, DevOps grows in popularity throughout the tech world, helping companies optimize their software development practice. This newness makes it critical to properly vet any candidate’s skill set and experience with DevOps tools and processes. As part of this approach, your interviewers need to ask questions to truly probe into a candidate’s background.

With a goal of making the right hiring decision, check out these DevOps skills to look for in technology professionals. Make sure your interviewing team uses questions to identify those candidates with these qualifications. It’s the best way to find the talent your organization needs.

Skills and Experience in Developing for the Cloud is a Must

The Cloud continues to revolutionize the software development process. DevOps candidates need to possess skills and experience working with the most popular Cloud platforms because of this trend. These include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud.

Use questions that probe into the candidate’s experience level with each. Have them describe any problems encountered, as well as significant project successes.

Ask About Their Agile Experience

Experience with Agile and related offshoots like Scrum or Kanban is critical for DevOps candidates. Ask about specific projects using Agile and any other software development methodologies. Once again, try to gauge their experience level beyond the keywords listed on their résumé.

The Right Programming Language Experience for DevOps

No matter your company’s specific open position, a DevOps professional needs some experience in programming. This is the case for DevOps engineers as well as project managers. Python and Ruby are two languages commonly seen in candidates for these positions. Exposure to scripting languages, like Perl, is also important. Again, use open-ended questions aimed at finding out their practical experience in software development.

Automation and Virtualization are Important in DevOps

Automating the software development process helps companies truly achieve the velocity they desire. The top DevOps candidates typically boast significant experience with automation and its associated tools. For example, be on the lookout for candidates with experience using the Jenkins automation server.

Virtual containers also see wide use in DevOps shops. They make it easier to deploy applications across build, test, and production servers. Docker is the de facto standard for containers, so look for this skill. Additionally, Kubernetes is a tool to optimize the configuration management process for containerized applications. Again, experience in this area is a must.

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