Being prepared is essential to have success during an interview. Chris Oswald, Senior Account Manager at SkyBridge Resources, has developed tips for before, during and after the interview process that will help you succeed in your upcoming interview.


Prepare Questions
Dress to Impress
Bring Professional Folder
Estimate Driving Route
Before your interview, the first thing you will want to do is research the organization. Understand when the company was established, their reputation, and their partners / competitors. You will also want to make sure you review and refresh the skills needed for the job, along with the information on your resume.

While you may have the job skills the position is requesting, make sure to take the time to review and prepare responses for behavioral style interview questions. For instance, your interviewer may ask for an example of a confrontation you experienced in your previous employment and how you worked through the issue to resolve it.

There are a few last-minute things that a job seeker can do to be prepared for interview day. Make sure you have identified the proper attire, bring a professional folder with at least three copies of your resume, and have directions to the location of your interview. Estimate a route through a Maps application on your phone or computer that will be able to show directions and traffic patterns. It is crucial to be 15 minutes early, in case there is unexpected traffic.


Turn off your cellphone.
Be attentive
Sell yourself
Ask questions
Once you park your car, turn off your cellphone! Remember, once you step out of your car anybody that you encounter from the parking lot to the reception area, could be evaluating your behavior. It doesn’t cost anything to be kind and courteous!

During your interview, make sure that you remain positive and engaged. Be sure to give the interviewer your full attention by keeping eye contact and listening so that you do not interrupt. Write down notes for items you want to remember, or topics you want to discuss later in the interview.

Remember all the research you did on the position and company? Be able to quickly highlight your skills and sell yourself to the employer. It’s a good idea to give specific examples of how you have used the skills required in the job description you’re interviewing for.

Before concluding the interview its good practice to ask a couple questions that help indicate how the interview went. A couple suggestions:

“Is there anything about my skills that you would like me to elaborate on?”

“How do you think my skills match the position compared to the other candidates you’ve interviewed.”


Follow up
It’s always recommended to share a follow up message to the interviewer directly, or via the agency that represented you. Whether it is a hand-written note or an email, the gesture is important. In addition to thanking them for their time in the note, make sure you reference something specific from the interview.

SkyBridge Resources hopes you find these tips helpful and use them in your next interview to land your next job.