In today’s world, streamlined workflows are at the heart of profitable businesses. Improving efficiencies is what allows you to provide better service while bringing down costs. Automation offers an opportunity to do all this and more.

ServiceNow is a leading cloud provider with an incredible range of integrated and connected applications that allow organizations to wrap all IT tools into a single data model. The result: automated workflows, increased transparency, and continually improved service experience.

Here are five ways ServiceNow can benefit your business.

  1. Streamline IT Processes

ServiceNow standardizes IT asset and business service information using the Now platform and boasts an open infrastructure, so plugging in different systems is simple. Plus, it empowers teams to eliminate redundant processes, reclaiming their time for value-added tasks.

  1. Scale to Enterprise

Servicenow caters to the demands of running a large enterprise because it is both comprehensive and flexible. As an ITSM, ITOM, ITBM, and more, ServiceNow offers a full range of technical management support and a  Configuration Management Database that provides greater function and transparency and leads to better IT asset management.

Plus, it can be used by IT support teams, administrators, developers, human resources, and general employees, allowing organizations to invest in a single solution.

  1. Improve Overall Productivity

Employees still spend huge amounts of time communicating changes, waiting for approvals, and issuing responses. Businesses use ServiceNow to automate tasks and simplify communication to prevent small issues from becoming big problems that impact customers.

  1. Solve Incidents Faster

IT incidents are inevitable. While prevention is vital, the response is arguably more important. ServiceNow allows teams to investigate root causes and resolve critical service disruptions at the source. The result is a faster restoration to normal service while simultaneously preventing future downtime.

  1. Reduce ITSM Costs

It’s enough to find a tool that streamlines processes, improves productivity, and mitigates incidents’ impact. However, ServiceNow goes further and reduces ITSM costs across the board. A Forrester study found that companies using ServiceNow enjoyed an infrastructure costs savings of over $4.1 million over three years compared to peers using legacy systems. The savings come from reducing costs related to licensing, outsourcing, technology, hardware, and upgrades.