Launched in 2010, Microsoft Azure allows teams to create, test, and launch applications within the Microsoft Cloud. No DevOps team is complete without at least one Azure expert.

Azure Engineers (among other talent) keep your data safe. They allow your firm to integrate and scale ‘Infrastructure-as-a-Service’ as well as technologies like Micro-services, Blockchain, and Big Data. Testing their knowledge before hiring is critical. But what questions give you the most information?

Here’s what you should ask every Azure DevOps Engineer during the interview process.

What Windows Azure Skills Should You Look For?

DevOps / Cloud Engineers must be masters of multiple trades. Before you invite a candidate to interview, it is important to ensure they have the skills needed to handle your organization’s role. Most DevOps engineers understand basic application troubleshooting concepts, including Command-Line scripting, Networking fundamentals, Database performance, and cloud infrastructure provisioning.

However, there are a few concepts that are specific to Azure that should be tested.

The most important Microsoft Azure skills to look for include experience in:

  • Azure Logic Apps, App Services, Functions, and Serverless services
  • API management
  • Azure compatible scripting languages (PowerShell, Python, Bash, etc.)

3 Questions to Test Candidates Azure Knowledge

There are many ways to test a candidate’s Azure knowledge in an interview. However, rather than asking product questions with simple answers, it’s better to test their Azure knowledge and their problem-solving skills all in one.

Tip: Be sure to cater your questions to both the role and the candidate’s certification. A DevOps Engineer has a different role than a Developer or Azure Data Scientist.

These three questions will help you test an Azure DevOps Engineer’s high-level knowledge of the platform:

  • What should you do in case of a Microsoft Azure drive or service failure?
  • What is an ARM template, and what is it used for?
  • If a client’s application is having a loading time performance issue, how would you troubleshoot?

Confidently Hire Your New DevOps Engineer

Azure is a core skill for most DevOps teams in today’s job market. However, these professionals offer different levels of skill and practical experience. To ensure they have what it takes to fill your role, you need to ask the right interview questions.

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