While the COVID-19 pandemic normalized remote working for most, IT companies also offered telecommuting as a perk for employees. But whatever the reason for working from home, managers must strive to keep their remote teams engaged. Following this approach plays a key role in maintaining or even exceeding office productivity levels.

With a more productive team in mind, check out these tips aimed at improving engagement among remote workers. Leverage these insights to keep your telecommuting employees sufficiently inspired and focused on their daily tasks. After all, the modern technology manager goes outside the box to keep their teams motivated.

Setting Clear Expectations on Schedules is Vital

Remote employees need managers to provide them clear expectations regarding their schedule and availability for team activities. Of course, this becomes even more important with remote employees located across different time zones. Managers must wrangle schedules for team meetings as well as one-to-one status updates with each employee.

Ensure Everyone Understands Your Communication Strategy

Managers must clearly detail their strategy for using communication in a remote working environment. This involves determining what issues require videoconferencing and what items are better handled with phone calls or text messages. Again, ensure everyone on the team understands these policies to optimize the communication process.

Managers Need to be Even More Transparent Compared to the Office

Managers need to be even more transparent when leading remote workers as opposed to office-based interaction. After all, communication loses a measure of nuance when conducted only over remote video and text messaging. Always stay open and honest with your remote workers, especially if you want them to return the favor.

Never Micromanage Remote Workers

Micromanaging makes for unhappy employees, either when in the office or working remotely. Resist the tendency to micromanage your remote team. Instead, focus on setting clear goals and expectations and judge each employee for their success in meeting them.

Leverage Technology Wisely When Remote Working

Managers must use technology wisely to remove any barriers between them and their remote staff. Videoconferencing software, like Zoom, combined with collaboration tools such as Slack become essential in the current environment. Of course, use both to conduct meetings and other work-related interactions. Also, leverage them to share lunches and breaks virtually to help foster a sense of team outside of “the office.”

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