When hiring someone for a professional services position, you likely need to make a choice between candidates. But determining the best fit between two (or more) equally qualified professionals becomes difficult. In fact, you might resort to a decision based on more of a gut feeling. Ultimately, following a thorough and standardized interview process definitely helps to make the right final choice.

With the goal of making a great hire, consider these tips on choosing a candidate with the best fit. After all, new hires feel more engaged when joining a firm where they feel comfortable with the office culture.

Ask Pointed Questions About the Different Cultures Where They Worked

Your interviewer needs to ask candidates some open-ended questions on the office cultures throughout their work history. Try to determine if they thrived more at companies with cultures similar to your organization. Again, when the goal involves determining the best fit, these answers definitely help in making a correct hiring decision.

Does the Candidate Show Interest in Your Company During the Interview?

Take note of any candidate asking meaningful questions when prompted during their interview. In short, this shows they spent time researching your organization. It provides a great sign of their enthusiasm for your open position. Give them bonus points if they ask about your company culture.

The Candidate Communicates in a Strong and Confident Manner

The technology and professional services worlds need employees with strong communication skills. The influence of DevOps and other methodologies now place emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. Professionals who communicate confidently with coworkers and clients tend to thrive in this environment.

So pay close attention to how a candidate communicates during their interview. When the language flows naturally, leading to more of a conversation, this provides keen insights into their fit. Also, pay close attention to their written communication skills shown on their résumé and cover letter.  

Partner with an Experienced Staffing Agency to Make the Best Hire

When your organization struggles with sourcing talented candidates in high volume or high turnover roles, partner with an experienced staffing agency. The best agencies offer significant benefits to companies looking to fill a professional services role. One significant advantage involves providing a supply of previously vetted candidates able to immediately help your company. It’s an approach that also reduces your time to hire. This allows your team to focus on running your business, as opposed to perusing through hundreds of resumes for an open position.

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